How Do You Measure Your Success?

Founder of Peavy & Associates’ Business Services, Inc.

From the Owner of  Peavy & Associates’ Business Services, Inc.

Do you let people decide your success for you? Or, is it your independent definition of yourself? Majority of the times, we intend to let our social surroundings critique and rate our success. We rely on society approval as if their future are in the hands of everyone. Success is one’s measurement after accomplishing a goal. The key character or variable in success is yourself. We need to reach from within to seek success. As a young entreprenuer, I can definitely say that for me, I will rate my success when I have accomplished all my goals. I’m still at the beginning stages, even though I have accomplished some of my goals. Once you laid the foundation or roadmap of your future, it’s your decision to execute the plan.

How do you rate your success? Please feel free to provide comments and feedback

Teleigha Peavy

Published by Peavy and Associates' Business Services

Peavy and Associates' Business Services, Inc. is a consulting firm that provides the following services Accounting and Tax Preparation Business Development and Consulting Learning Development , Facilitation, and Training Services Peavy and Associates' has been successfully performing these services for many different businesses throughout the years. Ratings and great performance is known on multiple sites! Try us out today! Contact us at 678-667-7988 for more information!

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