Meet Ken Boxer : Principal Consultant to Federal Agencies and Fortune 1000 companies




” Before starting Boxer Advisors, I founded and led a consulting firm for 15 years, which I called Strategic Partners.  I have strong opinions, which I am happy to share about the critical success factors of establishing strategic business partnerships.

Throughout my career, I have found that asking questions can serve as a powerful way to help people translate insights into action.  The following questions emerged to me after reading this article:

Is your daily challenge based upon a self-criticism of who you have not yet become or a reminder of the great things you are capable of?

Would you approach your day differently if you were less driven by an urgent flash and more focused on a legacy that lasts?

How can you use an “attitude of gratitude” to achieve a higher level of satisfaction in your business and personal life?

I look forward to engaging in dialogue with you about how strategic business partners business credibility and the ability to work in partnership with the other leaders.”



Published by Peavy and Associates' Business Services

Peavy and Associates' Business Services, Inc. is a consulting firm that provides the following services Accounting and Tax Preparation Business Development and Consulting Learning Development , Facilitation, and Training Services Peavy and Associates' has been successfully performing these services for many different businesses throughout the years. Ratings and great performance is known on multiple sites! Try us out today! Contact us at 678-667-7988 for more information!

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