Meet Ken Boxer : Principal Consultant to Federal Agencies and Fortune 1000 companies




” Before starting Boxer Advisors, I founded and led a consulting firm for 15 years, which I called Strategic Partners.  I have strong opinions, which I am happy to share about the critical success factors of establishing strategic business partnerships.

Throughout my career, I have found that asking questions can serve as a powerful way to help people translate insights into action.  The following questions emerged to me after reading this article:

Is your daily challenge based upon a self-criticism of who you have not yet become or a reminder of the great things you are capable of?

Would you approach your day differently if you were less driven by an urgent flash and more focused on a legacy that lasts?

How can you use an “attitude of gratitude” to achieve a higher level of satisfaction in your business and personal life?

I look forward to engaging in dialogue with you about how strategic business partners business credibility and the ability to work in partnership with the other leaders.”



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