Business Consulting and Development Services

Who We Are 

Our team consist of Certified Scrum Masters, Lean Six Sigma Specialists, and Quality Assurance Specialist. Our services has helped many businesses improve their processes. We also provide consulting services in financial management, project management, operation management, and business development. It is our responsibility to provide small to medium size businesses with strategic operating consulting services and  streamline processes using lean methods. Services include:

* Defining and Streamlining Processes
* Continuous Improvement Process
* Defining SOP and Guidelines
* Cost Savings and Reductions
* Implementing Change and Control
* Identifying Business Errors
* Measuring Performances
* Strategic and Project Planning
* Analyzing Data
* Qualitative and Quantitative Measures
* Process Mapping
* Creating Workflow Processes

Operations Management We understand owners are busy promoting their business to attract new customers and build their business. My role is to oversee the operations of your business to ensure standard procedures are being executed and a continuous work flow remains consistent. If you do not have a team to perform such tasks, my team or a team I will build for you,  and will get the work done.

Contract Management services we oversee and manage the procurement process for companies throughout the U.S. This also includes our involvement in the life cycle of the contracts and ongoing managing and support services.

Business Development Getting a business off the ground requires a sound plan, action, and often times, capital. Our goal is to help you realize your goals and dreams. This involves helping you understand the demands and needs of your business through comparative analysis and extensive research. If you are seeking grants or loans, we assist with the search for the right one for you. Meaning factors are considered in receiving funding from grants or for a creditor to approve your proposal. We honestly and truthful advise our clients of these factors which means we do not guarantee our clients that they will receive funding, but we will seek every avenue to help them get funded.

Price List

Business Plans – $400

Market Research Plans – $ 300 ( want it included with the business plan? add $100)

Financial Projections- $ 55 a piece (included in the business plan for free)
Executive Summary – $65
Ongoing Consulting Services – $2, 500 – $3,500 a month (depends on scope of work) Involves :Small Projects – $450 – $1,500 (depends on the scope of work)

  • Organization structure, financial, and operations management

Other is business process improvement –  $3,500 –   $6,500

  • Lean Management
  • Six Sigma projects
  • Implementation and control

Consultation- $125/ hr  Schedule Your Free 15  – 30 min Consultation  on our Book Online page.

All Consulting services requires 50 % of fees retained for services to begin ( Except for Consultation)

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