Reviews and Testimonials

Corey T.

Offsite review

“Hardworker and completely knowledgeable with QuickBooks.”


November 16, 2015
Veronica E.

Offsite review

“I am the owner of a non profit organization and on 11/04/2015 I hired Peavy and Associates to do a business plan for the business. I must say that the turn around was outstanding. Ms. Peavy informed me of any and all delays and once received the business plan layout was very impressive. I am 110% satisfied !!!!!!
Compassionate Caregivers Inc.”


November 14, 2015
Michael D.

Need Consultant

“I wasn’t really surprised at the wonderful job that she really did for my first initial consultation she displayed outstanding service and quality in all the dealigns that she had with me.”


October 17, 2015
Mrs M.

Offsite review

“As always I count on Peavy Associates to go above and beyond. The level of responsive flexibility is priceless to our team. We move and at a fast pace, that very few companies can keep up with. When I have something that needs a quick mind and possibly an all-nighter, I can reach our PA for the best confidential operational support that won’t make your budget scream.”


October 14, 2015
Kimberely J.

Offsite review

“Ms. Peavy done a wonderful job for my business WaterTght Basement Waterproofing. I would always go back if I ever needed assistanct again. She is very professional, timely, and a pleasure to work with!”


October 10, 2015
Alex B.

Offsite review

“We have great experience working with Peavy and Associates. They helped us with bookkeeping and accounting. Its a pleasure for us to work with a high skilled, professional and honest people like Teleigha Peavy, and we will continue our work with them.”


September 28, 2015
Wayne H.

Offsite review

“I needed professional help with reconciling my company information to prepare for tax prep. After talking with several professionals they recommended Peavy and Associates. Peavy and Associates did a great job going through all the back logs, bank statements, receipts, and ect. to correct and organize the books correctly. (quality and accurate work)
I received my information back on time with specific information. Peavy took the time to explain details about why and how the numbers lined up. She provided A plus service and professional communication.The total process was stress-less and made a big difference in achieving my financial goals. I would highly recommend Peavy Associates.
Thank you for financial service you provide.”


September 26, 2015
rodney W.

Offsite review


September 26, 2015
Johnathan B.

Need Business Consultant

“Great at what she does, patient, she takes the time to hear you out and see what your plan is and what it is that you are wanting and works around your plan for you. Gives you good ideas, very detailed about information so that you can understand it, breaks it down very good and goes right to work for you once yall have agreed on what direction you are going to go. Easy to talk to, not a person who rushes you off the phone without hearing you out, she actually sits there and talk to you, have a conversation with you. Great work here you won’t be disappointed. Give her a call and see what it is that she can do for you and your business.”


September 18, 2015
Clarence P.

Need a Business Consultant

“Awesome experience dealing with Teleigha Peavy!! She delivered my business plan superbly. She was always professional, prompt, and very detail oriented. Peavy and Associates Business Services is a hands down first class organization!”

Thanks so Much!

June 5, 2015
Solomon D.

Offsite review

“great service,prompt.professional,and great understanding and insight of buisness planning”

Thanks so much!

February 17, 2013