We are a team of Accountant, Business Consultants, and Certified Classroom Trainers who provides an array of accounting and business development services. With the usage of our certification in green belt six sigma, our services has helped many businesses improve their processes. This involves also working with the Solutions Architect to implement and customize new systems and processes and training departments to use new systems in a strategic continuous flow. These methods (lean and scrum) help reduce time, costs, and increase production and revenue. Our services just don’t stop there! Below is a full list of all the services we provide:        


  • Accounting Back Office Support
  • Outsourced CFO Level Services
    Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation
  • Tax Reporting
    Payroll Services

Who says you need to have the software? We are fully equipped to handle these services for you! We also serve as many small businesses financial back office You will receive weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports

          Business Process Improvement and Training         

  • Streamlining Processes
  • Identifying and improving business requirements
  • Implementing new systems and Processes
  • Training teams and departments how to use the systems according their scope of work
  • Implementing cost to savings  and cost to productions strategies
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Business Development Services

Writing Effective Business Plans

Writing Feasibility Studies for Startups, Real Estate, and Other Commercial Clients

Legal Formation (Registering your business with State, County, Federal)

Funding Search (helping clients find business loans or grants)

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